Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Superb songs by Kishore Kumar - Dil Se Mile Dil (1978)

A wealthy man, Amarnath, witnesses a fight between two men, and watches one kill the other. He comes to the assistant of the killer, Vijay Kumar, assists him so that he can re-establish himself, as well as disposes off the body. Vijay is very grateful to him, and is willing to do anything for him. All Amarnath wants him to do is to woo and marry a crippled young bank employee by the name of Aarti Mathur. Vijay agrees to do so, and successfully woos not only Aarti but her entire family, and soon both get married. Aarti is able to walk again, much to her family's delight. Then Amarnath asks Vijay to seek Aarti's cooperation in looting the bank where she works or else he will expose his crime to the police. A shaken Vijay confides in Aarti and both reluctantly agree to rob the bank. The robbery takes place successfully, but Aarti is sure that the police suspect her, and she is worried. Amarnath then asks Vijay to kill Aarti so as to get rid of an unnecessary witness. The question is will Vijay agree to kill his wife, or will he let himself be arrested for murder? The title song "Dil se miley dil..." and "Yeh naina yeh kajal, yeh julfey yeh aanchal, khubsoorat si ho tum ghazal...." REFERENCE: Dil Se Mile Dil (1978)

Dil Se Mile Dil by Kishore Kumar


Yeh Naina Yeh Kajal by Kishore Kumar


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